Daily Caller | Jared Gordon Gives Passionate Speech After Defeating Dan Moret At UFC Minneapolis


By David Hookstead

Jared Gordon gave a passionate speech after a big win over Dan Moret Saturday at UFC Minneapolis.

Following the big UFC win, Gordon told the audience that over three years ago that he was “shooting cocaine and heroin in a motel in Queens, New York.”

He then said he knew there were people in the audience struggling with addiction and that he loved “them all.”

This is a wonderful example of an athlete using his platform to spread a good message. Gordon didn’t have to get up there and say anything. 

Most people who were recovering from substance abuse issues probably never would. It’s not something a lot of people want to shine a light on.

Clearly, Gordon is cut from a different cloth.




It’s always great when somebody with a little name recognition steps up with a message like this one from Gordon. It lets people know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it might inspire other people to speak out.

Major props to Gordon for using his UFC platform to spread a great message.