Liv Pur

Jared “Flash” Gordon


LivPur Energy is my go-to pre-workout supplement. The energy sticks provide my body with good, clean energy and I can always count on LivPur products to keep me balanced and focused during my training sessions and in the ring.

• American MMA & Lightweight Champion
• PRO MMA Record: 18-4-0
• Favorite Products: Hydrate and Recovery

Jared “Flash” Gordon, previously known as the Cage Fury Fighting Featherweight Champion, has been competing in the UFC since 2017.Jared’s journey to become a UFC fighter was never easy, as he faced many unfortunate adversities along the way. Through his journey to become a UFC MMA Fighter, Jared overcame many hurdles in life to get to where he is today. In the last year, Jared’s determination, perseverance and dedication has become increasingly known and his passion for helping others overcome their adversities is a direct correlation to his character. Jared is a thoughtful leader, warrior and champion that inspires all of us to have drive, willpower, patience and faith. 

Jared’s mission is to lead by example and show us that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. Jared trains two to three times per day and requires the necessary nutrients and minerals to keep his body hydrated. LivPur Energy has helped Jared focus more, train better and work harder. Jared embodies the identity of a true champion both in and out of the ring.